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"Destination Wedding Photographer, Leah Marie, combines magazine-worthy, editorial-style weddings with a relaxed, personal, and artful twist. If your goal is to capture fashionable and elegant photos, then Leah Marie Photography is a must."


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Leah Marie Photography is a destination wedding photographer who embodies the spirit of quiet luxury and elegance in capturing destination weddings.

Our lens doesn't just focus on moments; it seeks to encapsulate the heartfelt connection, thoughtful details, and genuine emotions that define each couple's journey.

From stunning destinations to intimate exchanges, we specialise in crafting timeless photographs infused with sophistication, spontaneity, and genuine emotion.

What we do here extends far beyond the lens; it's about curating an experience steeped in care, authenticity, and intentionality, ensuring that every couple's story is told with grace and depth.


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I'm Leah, your dedicated luxury destination wedding photographer, blending a decade of photography and fashion expertise into every shot. With a deep love for timeless romance and storytelling, I'm committed to crafting unforgettable images that authentically reflect your unique love story.

From captivating UK countrysides to dreamy destinations across Italy, France, Spain, and the Caribbean, I've traveled the globe with couples like you, turning once-in-a-lifetime celebrations into timeless art.

Whether you're exchanging vows in your home or traveling to a spectacular destination, trust me to curate moments that beautifully narrate your story with artistic excellence and profound intention.

Together, let's collaborate to create something truly special, capturing the essence of your vision and the magic of your unforgettable day.

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