the top 10 tips to help

As a wedding photographer I get asked a lot what are the best tips I would give to a couple on their wedding day!
So I thought I would share some pearls of wisdom for you fine people! This is not just from me as a wedding photographer, but also from being a bride myself.

1| Eat A Good Breakfast

Yes! Eat a big breakfast. You could both go long periods without having food and you definitely do not want to feel light headed during your vows. Have a good meal when you wake up that will keep you going.

2| Give Yourself Plenty Of Time To Get Ready

This is so important, especially if your bride and groom parties are big! Do not underestimate how long hair and make up with be, its better to be prepared and early then rushing at the last minute.

3| Make A Morning Playlist

Music is so important and will help you to ease away any nerves. So make a fun playlist for you and your bridal gang to kick start your morning right. There’s plenty of already pre made playlists on youtube and spotify if you don’t have the time to do so!

4| Go Slow Down The Aisle

I say this because your day will go by so quickly, so try to take it all in, especially those key moments of your day like walking down the aisle. I try to remind my bride and her bridal gang just before shes about to get ready to go. It will feel slightly odd, there’s no denying that because it isn’t something you do everyday, but really take it all in. Take in your partner standing there waiting for you, all of your guests, your favourite people are all in one room for you. It really is such a special moment, so try to be 100% present for it.

5| Shake It Off

What if something goes wrong? Honestly, it might, and that’s OK. I always tell my couples, so long as you get married that is all that really matters and its so true. If you’ve hired a wedding planner, the chances are so slim of anything going wrong on your day, because they have planned hundreds of weddings however if you’re a DIY bride having never planned a wedding before, try not to put so much pressure on yourself for it to be ‘perfect’.

I always feel like there’s an enormous amount of pressure on couples for everything to be perfect and it’s really unfair and sometimes unrealistic. Your day WILL be perfect if at the end of it you’re both married, not if uncle Tim didn’t like his dinner.

6| Speeches

I’m just going to say this, there is nothing more refreshing than a best man’s speech that is clean, classy and not pulled straight from the internet, or one that tries to split up a marriage before it’s barely begun. Check in on the speeches ahead of time and give the people giving the speech some clear direction so that you’re not left feeling anxious or worried.

7| Pack A Pair Of Flats For The Reception

Heels can be a tiring job so pack yourself some flat shoes, flip flops or trainers for the evening so you can feel more comfortable.

8| Leave Your Phone in Your Purse, or Give It to Your Maid of Honor

We all know that phones are a daily distraction, and it will be on your wedding day, too, if you don’t put it away. You definitely don’t need something else pulling your attention away on your wedding day so try to be as present as possible. Also you’ve hired a professional photographer, so you don’t need to take photos, and anyone you’d think to call or text will be there in person. If there was ever a time to disconnect, your wedding day is it.

9| Plan Your Day For You

This one is so important. I honestly feel like enjoying your day will come from planning it just the way you both wanted it to be. Make sure it’s so unique to you both that it feels like you, and everyone around can see that too. There’s nothing worse than a big over the top elaborate wedding that doesn’t resemble anything about that couple. Keep the traditions you both want and throw away the ones you don’t and that will make for the most fun and enjoyable day for you both.

10| Try to spend as much of the day together as possible.

It sounds like a given right, it’s your wedding day! Of course you’ll be together? But you might find yourself greeting a load of guests separately and that can take up a huge chunk of your day. Perhaps make a conscious effort to great all of your guests together.

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