Hampshire, Sussex  UK & International

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Hello, you! I'm Leah...

I could tell you that my first word was camera and that I started shooting when I was 3 years old, but like my photography I'm going to keep this real and simple.

I love chocolate and cheese. I lOVE my dog Darwin more than anything even though I have a cat and should probably love them equally.

I'm a wife to the most amazing man Phil, who I love to travel the world with, making new memories and eating good food. (Im a foodie)

Photography for me is not just about taking great photos, its about making people feel really happy, at ease and comfortable and even though the majority of people who tell me I do just that are drunk wedding guests, I'm gonna totally take their word for it.

And so if you're looking for a photographer who captures things as they naturally happen, who wont make you pose like an idiot and is 100% committed to making this the best day ever for you, then go ahead and drop me an email, Id love to hear from you!