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I know first hand how scary it can seem to plan a wedding, I know, I've been right where you are. And so it is my sincerest hope that I can be a part of your trusted wedding team. I'm here to be an assest to you both and provide you with all the help and guidance you need along the way, to ensure your wedding day is the most incredible day of your lives.

the Faq

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pricing?

how do we book you?

Connection is so important to me, honestly its the only way you will get a collection of photos you truly love and so first things first we need to jump on a zoom call to get to know each other and talk through your wedding plans. If we're a great fit, I will then get to work building your custom proposal. Once reviewed just send me an email saying you're ready to get the ball rolling and I will prepare and send you your contract + invoice.

Over the years It has become clear that each wedding is different and comes with its own unique set of needs. For this reason, I create custom collections to make sure you receive the service that best suits your specific requirements for your celebration. That being said, on average in the UK my couples spend between £4-£6k on their wedding collection. Destination wedding collections can range from £6k-£15k

is travel included in the price?

Can we customise our collection?

Yes travel, accommodation, transfers will all be included within your collection price. I will ensure all of my travel and if your collection includes an addiontal photographer from my team, I will take care and book everything for us, you have enough on your plate.

Absolutely! I work closely with all of my couples to truly craft a wedding collection that is built around everything you need for your wedding coverage. Your proposal will include an add on section where you can pick extras such as hours, film, drone coverage to customise your collection even further.

do you offer videography?

do you book our second shooter?

No. However I am here to help and can offer you a whole heap of talented videographers who I have worked with and whom I highly recommend.

Yes I do. If your collection comes with an addiontal shooter then I will take care of all the booking and admin with hiring them for your wedding day. I only work with photographers who I trust and who's work is similar to mine to ensure a seamless fit.

what is your apraoch on the day itself

believe it or not, I'm not the type of photographer that wants to turn your wedding day into a photoshoot. I specialising in getting amazing photos for you, quickly so that you can relax and enjoy your day with all of your amazing guests. I will work like a ninja capturing all of the magic as it unfolds naturally.

what will our couple photos be like?

I know this is often the scary part of the day but put your trust in me and know you will come away feeling like this was one of the BEST parts of your day. I get to know all of my couples really well, and so I will have a very clear vision on how to approach your portraits. All of my couples have the same reaction when they see their photos for the first time, they cannot believe it's them! They felt so comfortable, confident and loved how they look.

what kit do you use?

I will be working on my two Canon R6 bodies with my 50mm, 35mm, 85mm & 24mm lenses throughout the day. I have ample gear, back ups and SD cards to ensure everything is protected on the day itself.

when will you arrive for our destination wedding?

do you do drone photography?

All destination weddings are different and some require pre wedding shoots before or rehearsal dinner coverage. We will discuss this when booking but typically for a wedding in Europe I like to arrive 1-2 days before the wedding day and for anything outside of Europe I will always fly out at least 3-4 days before the wedding day.

Yes! Speak with me on our call about this and how we can work this into your collection.

how many photos will we receive in total?

You can expect a minimum of 500 digital photos in your online gallery. I always like to prepare for you a handful of sneak previews one week after the wedding day too.

do we pick the photos for our album?

Yes you do. If your collection has an album included then once your full gallery is uploaded you can begin to mark your favourites with a heart. Once you have selected all of your favourites I will then begin to design your dream album for you. Whilst I'm busy designing away you will have the opportunity to pick from the most beautiful fabrics for your album cover. Once the album has been designed I will send it over to you via email for proofing and once perfect it will be sent to print.

will all of our photos be edited?

Yes! I edit all of my images myself to ensure the correct standard and colour grading is met. Although I am very experienced in photoshop I will never alter or adjust anyones bodies.

what if it rains on our day?

what happens if you are ill on our day?

Although we pray for great weather, we cant always guarantee a rain free day. Living here in England, I know this all too well and luckily for you I am an expert at dealing with these elements. I will know in the build up to your day what the weather will be like and if it looks like rain there will be multiple back up plans in place with me and your planner to ensure that we still cover everything you want from your day. Some of my best photos have come from a rainy wedding, dont believe me? Check out my Barbados wedding gallery here.

I know this would be an awful situation to find ourselves in and touch wood it never happens, however, if it does I have a strong network of photographers around the world who I will match to your wedding needs as a replacement. I will cover all the admin and costs involved for this and I will still be the one to edit all of your images and make your wedding album for you.

have another question?

If you have anything else you'd wish to discuss then please don't hesitate to contact me at:


book our call


Wedding Day

1- Plan a day true to you

Don't let others dictate your wedding plans. You deserve to follow your dreams, whether it's a Destination Caribbean wedding or a local celebration. With my guidance and a wealth of articles, I can help you plan your dream wedding in Italy or explore other enchanting locations. Remember, it's your special day—embrace what brings you joy and make it truly unforgettable.

If you want to plan a destination wedding but don't know where to start I have lots of articles to help get you started. Whether that's planning your dream wedding in Italy or maybe there's another place you're dreaming of? (Check out the 25 best places to get married abroad) Or maybe it is Barbados after all Click here!

The bottom line is, whether it's local or abroad, whatever you want to do, you should definitely do it!

wedding venues on the Amalfi coast - hotel Santa Caterina

2- Hire a wedding planner

3- BOOK YOUR pre-wedding SHOOT

Booking your pre-wedding photoshoot with me is not just a great idea, but an essential part of your wedding journey. It's a momentous milestone in your love story, and you deserve to have fun and create beautiful memories during this time.

Beyond the joy and adventure, there's another significant advantage to scheduling your engagement session with your wedding photographer. It gives you a preview of what to expect on the big day itself so that there are no unknowns. It's always so fun to catch up before the wedding day to meet each other face to face, whether thats in the UK or abroad somewhere fun, this milestone deserves to be celebrated!

speightstown - Barbados wedding photographer

4- Work with your photographer & planner

to get the best timeline for your day

Your photos will be so important to you and so it's imperative we get your wedding timeline correct for your day. I prefer to work with your planner in advance to advise them on the lighting conditions of your day and location in order to know what time your day should start and end.

Ultimately this is because I think you deserve to have the most incredible set of photos you will ever have, and this takes thoughtful planning in advance.


This part of the day is often the one that gets overlooked, however it's really important to get this space right for you. It can have a real impact on your mood if you begin to get ready in a small cluttered room filled with lots of people.

Take it from me, find a spacious place to get ready, especially if you have a big bridal/grooms party and section of a room just for you and your things. You will be so thankful that you did this.

7- have a first look

A first look is a truly wonderful idea, and here's why:

1. It eases nerves and enhances the ceremony experience. Seeing each other before the ceremony allows you both to feel more present, eliminating anxiety and ensuring you're truly in this together.

2. With careful planning, we can maximize your time together. This means capturing stunning portraits while you're fresh from hair and makeup, ensuring the best possible outcome for your photos.

3. The biggest advantage? You'll have more time to enjoy cocktail hour with your loved ones after the ceremony. No need to rush off for photos—we can use that precious hour to savor the joyful moments together.

In addition to all these practical benefits, let's not forget that a first look is an absolutely beautiful moment in itself. It's a chance to create a deeply heartfelt and memorable experience that you'll cherish forever.


I have lost count of how many times an iPhone, or god forbid an iPad has ruined a photo opportunity for my couples. Tell your guests to enjoy the moment, there is a photographer who is taking care of the photos and that they should pop their phones away during the crucial parts of the day, so that no one ruins it.

9- add buffers to your timeline

This is a real game changer, adding buffers to each part of your day will be the key to having a great wedding day. In the morning, add an extra hour onto your getting ready timeline, this will help if your hair and make up team go over. Adding on buffers from 15 minutes to an hour will give you the best chance of having a stress free day.



As you embark on your wedding planning journey, find solace in the fact that your dedicated team brings decades of collective experience in orchestrating unforgettable wedding days.

With a deep understanding of how everything seamlessly works and operates, you can place your trust in us. Rest assured, we are committed to delivering an exceptional experience that surpasses your expectations, allowing you to fully immerse yourselves in the best day of your lives.


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