Harriet & Touss

Portsmouth City, UK

A Modern love in the heart of the city. This crisp autumn morning where two souls eloped was like something from a Parisian romance film but it was in fact the old town of Portsmouth on the south coast of England. Their day was overflowing with love as we searched the streets for beautiful architectures, coffees and the town's old theatre.

Elopements are so special and are something to run towards and not from if the thought of a big wedding causes you anxiety. Just the two of you having your favourite day with no stress, no worries just a day purely centred around you two having fun. Elopements may just be my favourite way of capturing a love story.


These beautiful suppliers helped to create the magic of this day.

Flower Artist-@camillascreationsfloristry
White suit-@topshop

The Garage Lounge

Earrings- Muted Luxe

Rings- Laura Bennett Jewellery

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