Alice & Will

Ashford, Kent UK

Alice & Will

a garden wedding love story, kENT.

Nestled in the heart of a tiny village in Ashford Kent, lies a beautiful Georgian family home set upon 8 acres of land. I can only imagine what it would have been like growing up here in this gorgeous home as a child, which is exactly why it makes this day feel even more special, as this is Alice's childhood home.

I arrived in the morning to another property that the bridal party had rented on Air BnB just a few minutes drive from the family home in Ashford. This stunning 14th Century Manor House was occupied by Alices closet friends and family members. The atmosphere was calm and full of excitement as the bridal party fluttered around the home in oriental dressing gowns gifted by Alice, as they began to get themselves ready for the big day ahead.

We left for the ceremony which was due to start at 2.30pm in the rose garden of Alices childhood home. When we arrived guests were starting to fill the gardens as wills best-man handed out the order of service.

As guests began to take their seats I noticed a couple setting up a keyboard and microphone, I checked the order of service only to find out that we were in for a real treat.

The garden froze into a quiet calm, the warm summers breeze tickled our bare arms into goosebumps as the garden gate opened for the arrival of the bridal party. The beautiful bridesmaids began to walk in two by two, shortly followed by Alice who walked through the gate with her best friend on her arm.

Will was waiting at the end of the garden with his best friends and you couldn't help but feel this overwhelming feeling of proudness and love from their friends. It was clear that their friends had played such a huge role in their relationship and that everyone of them was here to witness something very special.

The gates closed and it felt like we were the only people left on earth. This moment was special, and we all felt it. Alice and Will took each other hand and hand for the most incredible wedding ceremony that was about to unfold, and it was all for them.

Two beautiful readings later, one from Alices mother and another from Wills sister, the two people who had set up the keyboard and microphone stand took their places. Alice and Will stepped aside to get a better view and in this quiet garden began the most beautiful sounds. An E flat key chimed and suddenly we all began to sign in unison the lyrics to 'Your Song' By Elton John, being beautifully sung and played by their dearest friends.

That moment felt like we were all floating on a cloud and watching it from above. In fact, thats how the whole day and night felt and I now encourage you to join us and look through the moments that made this day so incredibly special for Alice & Will.

Alice & Will it was a pleasure to document your day, and these moments will stay etched in my mind for a lifetime. Thank you. Leah x

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