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Barcelona Wedding

La Baronia

Kayleigh & Sebastian

As a wedding photographer, capturing Kayleigh and Sebastian’s big day at the awe-inspiring La Baronia near Barcelona was an absolute delight. Surrounded by nature and offering incredible views of the village of Sant Feliu de Codina and the Vallès Oriental, this stunning venue provided a perfect backdrop for their celebration of love. With family and friends gathered from all around the globe, the atmosphere was filled with joy, laughter, and affection.

The meticulously landscaped gardens at La Baronia, rich in architectural details, served as a breathtaking setting for unforgettable wedding photographs. I found it impossible to not be swept away by the romantic ambiance. Inside the elegant ballrooms, the history and grandeur of the venue were palpable. Adorned with baroque carvings, paintings, and artwork from various eras, it provided a truly unique setting for the festivities.

Throughout the day, I found myself marveling at the beauty and charm of this historic venue. Designed by Gaudí’s student, architect Joan Rubio y Bellver, La Baronia has a fascinating past, having once served as a military hospital and prison during the Spanish Civil War. The lovingly restored house is now adorned with ancient Roman and Baroque sculptures and paintings, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

As their photographer, I felt incredibly privileged to be part of their special day and to capture the love and happiness they shared in such an extraordinary setting.