Algarve Engagement

Ponta da Piedade

Akemi & Kramer

I had the pleasure of capturing A & K’s love story during their destination pre-wedding shoot in Portugal.

We met on this beautiful and exclusive beach called Ponta da Piedade that we had discovered months before. As we drove up to the beach, the sky was slowly awakening yet everything was still in a peaceful darkness as we awaited the first rays of sunlight.

We began our decent down to the beach from a wooden staircase that wrapped around the cliff, exposing a panoramic view of the Algarve coast. As we descended the stairs, the sun began to rise upon the shores, slowly making its way to the beach, it was as if it heard us coming and was lighting up the way.

Stepping onto the soft sand felt like we were walking into a dream. The golden hues of the sunrise began to shine onto the water and all around us, creating the most magical atmosphere for our shoot.

But the best part was getting to know this amazing couple who trusted me to capture their love in this beautiful country. From choosing the perfect outfits to scouting the best locations, we worked together to create something truly magical.

Watching them, and how they connect and love one another was so beautiful and I can’t wait to see them again for their wedding next year in Italy!

Until then, I will cherish these memories we made on Ponta da Piedade for a lifetime. Thank you for an unforgettable day.