Southsea elopement

southsea elopement

Portsmouth Elopement


Harriet & Touss

As a photographer based in my hometown of Portsmouth, I had the pleasure of capturing a unique and lively city shoot with Harriet and Touss around the vibrant area of Southsea. This energetic couple was eager to embrace the urban charm and excitement of the streets, creating lasting memories together in the city they adore.

Our journey took us through the bustling streets of Southsea, where we explored its quirky independent shops, colorful street art, and picturesque parks. Each location added a distinct flavor to the photoshoot, showcasing the charm and character of this lively coastal town. We continued our adventure, visiting the impressive Guildhall in Portsmouth, a stunning historic landmark that provided a majestic backdrop for our images.

Throughout the shoot, we made sure to include some playful elements, like incorporating fun shots with newspapers, which added a touch of whimsy to the images.

The photos from our Southsea and Portsmouth shoot serve as a testament to the joy, laughter has that day. Each image captures a spirited moment of their journey, highlighting the unforgettable memories they created in this dynamic and lively setting. As a photographer, it was an absolute pleasure to document their story in my beloved hometown, and the images we created together will forever hold a special place in my portfolio.