pizza party in the hills

amalfi coast, ravello, italy


Welcome Pizza Party

Amalfi Coast

Indulging in Authentic Amalfi Magic: A Night of Laughter, Love, and Handcrafted Pizza Delight 🍕🍷✨

In the picturesque hills of Ravello, under the enchanting Amalfi Coast sky, we gathered for an unforgettable pre-wedding celebration that ignited the senses and warmed the hearts. Amidst the breathtaking views and the whispers of history, a joyous soirée unfolded – a Welcome Pizza Party like no other.

Guided by the skillful hands of a private chef, we embarked on a culinary journey, crafting pizzas from scratch using the finest ingredients that Italy has to offer. Each toss of dough and sprinkle of toppings was an ode to tradition, a true embodiment of the Italian spirit. Laughter filled the air as we playfully competed to create the most delectable masterpieces, all the while sipping on exquisite local wines that added a touch of sophistication to the evening.

In the company of cherished friends and family, we celebrated love, friendship, and the joy of togetherness. Emily & Huy’s Welcome Pizza Party was not just an event; it was a symphony of joy, a crescendo of flavors, and a testament to the power of connection. It was a night where we drank a little too hard, laughed a little too much, and shared stories under the magical skies of the Amalfi Coast.

Here’s to love, laughter, and the unforgettable memories we created on that starlit evening. 🥂🌟