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Your photos are really important to me. They’re going to last forever and so for you to love them forever, I need to get them tailored completely to you.

I have so many amazing couples, they’re all different, it’s not a one size fits all, of course my core look gets carried across any style. Whether you want your photos to look more editorial or more traditional or romantic, or a blend of all of three.

So how do we figure out what sort of style you love? Obviously you’ve come to me because you love my style which is great but as we said, every couple is different, they all like something a little bit different, it's what makes every couple so unique and amazing and so how do we fine tune what YOU really like.

How I personally do this is through mood boards and my favourite place to create them is on Pinterest. I LOVE making mood boards! When I was a child I would have a sketch book and I would cut out photos from magazines and glue them together in my sketch book. I just loved to create what I had in my mind and mood boards help translate that creativity and put it all together in one tidy place.

What I do for my couples is this, when my couples book me for their wedding I ask them to start making a Pinterest board of ideas, and they can be of anything it doesn’t have to be weddings it can be travel, fashion photography, art, the sky is the limit! Anything that will help translate your vision clearer, pin it!

It's inevitable that your style will change over the year or two that you’re planning your wedding, this is why it’s key start making your mood board now. It's also key that you find a photographer who's style will remaining timeless. Its easy to fall in love with trends but be sure to select your photographer because you genuinely love their work, the colours they chose to edit with and their compositions and creativeness.

It’s great to see the evolution of your style change and it’s also great to see your style become more refined over the years as we get closer to your wedding date.

it’s really important for me as a creative to understand your vision very clearly. Like I said before, no two couple are alike and so it’s important for me to take the time to dig a little deeper and really understand what it is that you love about a photo.

So once we have your mood board, I like to go over the photos you’ve chosen and ask you some questions. Because I’d like to really understand why you like the images you've chosen. There are three main reasons to why you might like a photo, you either like the lighting, the editing or the pose/composition, and I really need to understand that clearly to capture photos that you’re going to love forever.

This information will not only help me understand your vision further, but it allows me to guide you towards the perfect timeline for your day. When we plan thoughtfully and intentionally it allows your wedding day to flow seamlessly.

This simple mood board prep is the key to unlocking photos you will adore and cherish. This is my creative method and approach to tailored photography and I cant wait to begin this process with you soon.

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