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storytelling photography


One day your wedding will become a story that will be told within your family for generations to come. So, I want you to imagine your dream day from start to finish, what does that look like? Your wedding day should be unique to you as a couple and should be all about the two of you celebrating your love in the most authentic way!

I’m not just here as your photographer, I’m here to help guide and encourage you to dream your perfect day and go for it! No two couples are the same, what you have is unique, so this should make planning for your big day even more exciting and special.

Whether that's an intimate wedding in the woods, a private elopement on the beach or a big party with all your friends and family, I want to encourage you to have the day of your dreams and to choose a path most true to you. 

Not only will I take the most natural and heartfelt images for you, I’m also here as a friend from beginning to end, all the while being your biggest cheerleader and helping you with support and advice both day and night. 

So invest in your story because one day these photos will help to tell what an incredible day you both had celebrating the one thing that truly matters - your love!