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Italy is a country that captures the heart and soul of everyone who visits. Known for its rich culture, stunning architecture, and incredible food, Italy has become a popular wedding destination for couples from all over the world. From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the romantic canals of Venice, Italy offers a variety of landscapes and experiences that make it the perfect location for a wedding.

The country is home to some of the most iconic and romantic cities in the world, including Rome, Florence, and Venice, as well as a wealth of smaller towns and villages that offer their own unique character and charm. Italy is also renowned for its hospitality and passion for life, making it the perfect place to celebrate a wedding and indulge in the finer things in life.

Italy is very special to me, as I spend a lot of time there with my husband and family. In fact, my husband actually proposed to me in the Orange Gardens overlooking Rome, so it'll always have a place in my heart.

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In the picturesque hills of Ravello, under the enchanting Amalfi Coast sky, we gathered for an unforgettable pre-wedding celebration that ignited the senses and warmed the hearts. Amidst the breathtaking views and the whispers of history, a joyous soirée unfolded – a Welcome Pizza Party like no other.

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I spend as much time as I can in Italy. I never need persuading. It has a very special place in my heart and I'm at my happiest visiting Italy with my husband and family. It is a country of romance and is a beautiful setting for a destination wedding.

If you'd like to discuss your Italy wedding with me, I'd love to provide any support I can and hopefully even be a part of your amazing day.

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