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dorset weddings

Dorset weddings

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Lorna & Benjamin

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Lorna and Benjamin's wedding at the exquisite Hamswell House in Bath. This stunning location, nestled within the picturesque countryside, provided a captivating backdrop that beautifully captured the charm of Dorset weddings.

The idyllic setting of Hamswell House only enhanced the magical atmosphere, making it a memorable occasion for everyone involved. The following day, I was also privileged to capture a delightful wedding brunch with the newlyweds and their guests, where the celebrations continued in a more intimate and relaxed setting.

Hamswell House and its enchanting surroundings truly encapsulated the essence of Dorset weddings. Lorna and Benjamin's special day, along with the delightful brunch, showcased the warmth and allure that make weddings in this region so unique and unforgettable.

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Dorset weddings

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dorset wedding


Nestled in the southwest of England, Dorset is a county known for its rugged coastline, rolling hills, and charming villages. Its dramatic scenery, quaint architecture, and rich history have made it a popular location for weddings, with couples flocking from all over to tie the knot in this picturesque region. Dorset weddings are known for their unique character and natural beauty, offering a variety of options for couples seeking a romantic and unforgettable experience.

Whether you're looking for a beachside ceremony with stunning ocean views or a rustic countryside celebration, Dorset has it all. I really love getting the opportunity to visit this beautiful county, in particular, the city of Bath, which has to be one of my favourite cities in all of the UK.

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the ivy, bath


Leah is the best photographer, hands down. She is also the most incredible person. We love her!!

Our wedding photos are everything. It’s like she was in my head listening to what I wanted. They are magazine worthy. There are not enough words.

I can’t wait to look at our photos for the rest of our life.

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Dorset is such a special part of the country. It has some of the most incredible landscapes and cities I've had the pleasure of visiting. My husband and I love going to Bath for the weekend and walking the ancient streets.

If you'd like to discuss your Dorset wedding with me, I'd love to provide any support I can and hopefully even be a part of your amazing day.


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