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four seasons hotel

sophie & ASH

With grace and elegance, we gathered in the exquisite gardens of Hampshire’s Four Seasons Hotel to witness the union of Sophie & Ash.

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somerley house

tanya & Tarek

Beneath the warm embrace of the English sun, Tanya and Tarek, representing the beautiful fusion of Palestinian and Lebanese backgrounds, shared their heartfelt vows.

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somerley house

jess & jonny

Amidst the romantic ambiance of the English countryside, Jess and Jonny, a couple that embodies a delightful blend of backgrounds, came together to exchange their vows. Jonny's French heritage added an extra touch of elegance to the occasion, infusing the celebration with a charming fusion of cultures

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tanya & tarek

There is nothing more to add to Leah's other reviews other than that she is a truly magical person who can do magical things with photography!

If you're thinking about who to book for your wedding or special occasion, do not hesitate to book Leah!! Not only is she fantasticly talented at what she does, she is a lovely person and a dream to be around.

It is evident that she loves what she does and this really comes through, not only in her work, but also in the build up to the event and afterwards too!

We can't thank Leah enough for how beautiful our wedding photos have come out

hampshire wedding photography

united kingdom

hampshire wedding


Hampshire, a picturesque county in the south of England, is known for its rolling hills, lush countryside, and rich historical heritage. It boasts an enchanting blend of vibrant cities, quaint villages, and stunning natural landscapes, including the breathtaking New Forest and South Downs National Parks.

Hampshire weddings offer couples an array of beautiful and diverse venues, from elegant manor houses and charming barns to luxurious hotels and historic sites. The county's magnificent countryside, enchanting forests, and picturesque coastlines provide endless opportunities for stunning wedding photography.

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The county of Hampshire is special to me, as it's my home county and where I've spent a good portion of my life. As a result, weddings in Hampshire are always such a treat for me. Being based in Hampshire means I am very familiar with most of the county's finest venues.

If you'd like to discuss your Hampshire wedding with me, I'd love to share my experience and hopefully even be a part of your amazing day.


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highclere castle - hampshire wedding venue
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