• Leah Marie

5 Top Tips To Plan A Stress-Free Wedding

Listen up brides and grooms, there is a way to eliminate all wedding stresses and I am about to dive in and let you in on all of the secrets of the wedding industry to make this a stress free and fun experience!

1. Expectations

Managing your expectations first is key, so step away from your Pinterest board and lets talk numbers. Talk with your partner in great detail about how much money you can realistically save each month to pay for your wedding. Perhaps you have already saved or you have families wanting to contribute to the total cost or to help chip in and cover a particular part of your day such as the photography, flowers etc... Gather all of this information and then create a wedding spreadsheet of everything to give you a realistic idea of your wedding budget, and then put a buffer in place because there will always be extras you don't account for. Free Wedding Planning Spreadsheet

This is the biggest step of all to help plan a stress free wedding as you don't want to start booking and planning your dream wedding if you cant afford it just yet. Doing this step first will allow you to start understanding the year of your wedding and everything in between.

2. What Wedding Do YOU Want?

This step is super important and is your one way ticket to planning a stress free wedding. Do you want a small intimate wedding perhaps at your family home? Something big and traditional? Perhaps even a wedding abroad? Talking this over with your partner is not only key for a stress free wedding but it will also help you insure your day is exactly what you want it to be. A lot of couples fall into the trap of planning a very traditional wedding day that doesn't reflect them at all, that can be a complete waste of money and super stressful! Plan YOUR dream day, not someone else's.

3. Off Peak Weddings

You may be on a budget that you absolutely must stick to, so in this case opt for an off peak wedding. Peak season is from May-September so you could potentially secure a venue at a slightly less rate. However lots of people are having this same view and so the phrase 'off peak' may not last long!

4. Cut Your Guest List Down

Let me just be real with you for a second. Your wedding day should only include the people who you love and spend time with often. People coming to your wedding should know you both as a couple. Each guest you invite, you're paying for so don't carry the burden of inviting 100 extra people who you spoke to 10 years ago. If you wouldn't spend £50+ on them for a birthday present, cut them off the list! From my experience the best weddings I've been to have been the smaller more intimate ones because it feels so real and special.

5. Hire A Wedding Planner

If you have the budget for a planner, hire one in a heartbeat. This is perhaps the ultimate way to plan a stress free wedding, because you wont be planning it! Find your wedding planner today.

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