• Leah Marie

A Weekend In Ronco Ascona | Switzerland

A mind clearing mountain experience in the heart of the Alps. Ronco is one of Switzerlands hidden gems and once discovered you will feel like you've entered a world that very few have seen.

We arrived on a snowy afternoon in Milan early December ready to make the drive up through Italy to Switzerland. For our trip we hired a 4x4 car from the airport, as we knew our home for the weekend was high up in the heavens. We drove through windy narrow roads, with heart stopping drops and snow covered mountain tops. Snowflakes hit our window one by one and the fast paced everyday life very quickly disappeared.

We arrived in Ronco after around and hour and 45 minute drive from Milan airport and stopped at a local Coop to stock up on our groceries, we spend a lot of time in Europe and are big fans of the coops deli section especially their roast potatoes! So it was a great to see a local shop we knew. However as much to our delight we soon found out we were traveling with euros and not Swiss franks so note to anyone exploring Switzerland... check the currency not like us... FOOLS! When you stop in Ronco and locate the nearest Coop be sure to put in your basket one of their fresh loafs and some Boursin, and you can thank me later!

Once we had stocked up on our goodies we made the ascend to our home on top of the mountains. Im not kidding when I say this, its literally on the edge of a mountain so brace yourself for some crazy views and narrow roads!

Our apartment hosted by the lovely Erich invited us into a a warm and cosy place that instantly felt like home. With views of the famous Lake Maggiore everywhere you turned and mountains that sat perfectly on the water stretching up to the sky, you could hear a pin drop from up here and it was beautiful. Click here to view the apartment

This apartment was ideal for me as a photographer to capture the mountains at both day and night. At night the skies are crazy clear and for a photographer this was an absolute dream apartment to capture some photos from. The balcony wraps around the apartment giving you all the angles you need to capture something wonderful.

If you're looking for complete peace and quiet with breathtaking views I cannot recommend this apartment enough. However staying ontop of a mountain isnt everyones idea of a peaceful holiday and if you don’t like heights and aren’t looking to hire a car there are plenty of hotels in Ronco for you to stay and still enjoy the views.

Ronco sopra Ascona is a hidden gem and I'm pretty sure its where the majority of laptop wallpapers come from. If you get the chance to explore it one day take the opportunity with both hands you will not regret it.

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