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Covid-19 What Does It Mean For My Wedding?

We are all very aware of the current situation the world is facing. It's a very scary time for everyone with millions being told to self-isolate for weeks, and keep social distancing but what does this really mean for your wedding? Let's see what real brides are asking and how we can answer you.

What if my wedding is within the next 2 months?

If your venue remains open

If your venue has communicated to you that they will not be closing, then your next steps are to inform all of your guests as it's likely they will want to be kept in the loop. What you can now start doing is communicating with your guests to find out who is self-isolating and who is not. This information will be vital to your catering company and venue as you could see a significant drop in guests attending your day, and this will have an effect on how much food and drink is needed.

What I recommend is for you to send out a group email, or set up a Facebook page to help batch communicate information to your guests. You should be stating that everyone needs to be sensible and if they are self-isolating that they need to make you aware ASAP so that you can convey this information back to your suppliers who will need to know this information.

Knowing who is not coming to your wedding could ultimately mean that you want to postpone your wedding day. It's key to start talking with your guests and getting some idea of numbers especially if you know there are people special to you who cannot make your day.

If your venue closes

If your wedding is approaching fast the chances are that you have already had lots of communication with your suppliers. Ultimately the decision to pause and postpone your wedding day will be in the hands of your venue if you don't decide first. If your venue closes due to the government issuing a warning to close all hospitality and venues then your venue will communicate this with you immediately, alternatively, they can decide themselves to close if they feel this is the best decision right now. They will also do there best to help find another suitable date for you when your venue reopens.

If this happens it is now your responsibility to communicate this information to your suppliers and the news that you will have to postpone your wedding until further notice. As a photographer myself I know I will do all that I can to help my couples during this time and work with there other suppliers to help with a seamless transition to another date.

What if my wedding is in the summer

Unfortunately, there is no one who can foresee how this will play out but officials are hoping that by the summer a lot of self-isolating will be behind us. Our advice to you is to continue planning as usual until officials say otherwise. The risks of you not moving forward with your wedding plans could mean that you approach your day stressed and overwhelmed with the amount left to do.

If your wedding day is postponed all of your suppliers will work together with you to help move everything over to another date. These times are unsettling but also rare and so we will all do our best to help.

What if my suppliers fall ill?

Check your contracts as there normal procedures will still apply. As a photographer, I will sort and arrange a replacement photographer of a similar style and I'm sure your other suppliers will have something similar in place.

I want to postpone my wedding for another year?

If you decide that you are moving your wedding to another year altogether then you must let your suppliers know ASAP to avoid losing out. Your suppliers will do there best to find you another date that everyone can move to, meaning that you don't have to lose the suppliers you have already hired. Once you have agreed on another date this is the time to communicate with your guests the new changes so that you can let them know your new wedding date and that you have canceled your current date.

Your next steps

As a community, we know that these are unsettling times and we will all do our best to make this as seamless as possible.

More information regarding your wedding and the likelihood of it having to be moved will be clearer the closer we get to your date. For now, if you have any symptoms or any of your guests develop any symptoms you will need to make it clear that your guests can not attend your wedding, and if you have them the same rules apply you will have to move your date.

If your wedding day is June onwards we think its best to continue to plan away as usual until officials say otherwise.

All of your suppliers will keep you updated as more information becomes available. Until then try to stay positive, any situation that occurs will be ones we all face together and solve. Enjoy the planning and keep safe.

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