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How Much Is A Wedding Photographer?

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Wedding photography can start anywhere from around £700 and go up to tens of thousands. There are many factors that separate the two spectrums and they usually come down to experience, equipment, style and popularity. This article covers the UK price of wedding photographers. Follow the link bellow for wedding photography prices in the USA. https://www.theknot.com/content/average-cost-wedding-photographer

Your starting point should always be deciding on the style that you want and that suits you as a couple. Take me for example, I'm a documentary photographer with a rustic and natural approach, I will be more situated to a laid-back couple wanting natural shots in perhaps a barn setting. But to name some other styles, romantic, classic, fun the list really goes go on!

Once you've decided on your style you can then begin to find your photographer, you'll find that within that style there are many different photographers all with different price ranges.

So why does one photographer charge £500 and another £2000? The answer is simple,

photographers prices will often reflect experience. If you don't mind a photographer capturing your big day who's only shot a handful of weddings you might be able to grab a bargain here but if you're looking at a seasoned pro you'll be looking upwards of £1000 minimum.

Remember that photographers have priced themselves well for their work and it’s important to meet and ask them any questions you may have before your big day. If you have a specific photographer in mind but can’t quite come up to their prices perhaps write to them before meeting and explain this, they may be lenient!

To wrap this up photographers depending on experience will cost more or less but expect to pay a minimum of £1000 for an experienced photographer. Here's a great article that goes into this more.


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