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10 Ways To Discover Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Picking the right photographer for your day is important for many reasons. Thankfully I have complied together the top 10 ways to discover your perfect wedding photographer for your big day, so lets dive in!

1. Style

Firstly decide on the style that will best suit you as a couple. The list of styles is ever growing but to name a few, rustic, natural, contemporary, bright and vibrant, classic and romantic. It's so important to pick this before you go on your hunt for your dream wedding photographer, not only will it help you to locate them better, but you and your photographer will both have a better understanding of what you want from your photos.

2. Budget

So you've chosen what style you want to go for, excellent! Now lets talk budget. The average photography package for an all day'er can be anything from £1000-5k+. So be sure to look around and have a drafted up email ready to ping to wedding photographers so that you can start getting a better idea of what your favourite style of photography will cost.

3. Posed or Unposed

How you want your day to flow is so important, its your day and that means you get to have it exactly the way you want. This being said, it's super important to find a photographer whose vision can align with yours. If you want a natural approach to your day, try looking for a photographer who boasts a natural approach. If you aspire to achieve a more posed aspect to certain pictures during your day, look for a photographer who offers a more classic and romantic approach. You'l find that most photographers can adapt to what you need so just be honest with them and between the three of you, you can settle on the exact flow for your day.

4. Google vs the hashtag

We're so lucky to live in the age of the internet and more recently the hashtag. Both leave us equipped enough to lead us on the right path to discovery! Get your google on and search for key words, remember when we spoke about style? Lets go searching for it! A great example could be Rustic Wedding Photographer, followed by your location and ta da, you'll have just that. Now hashtags are a powerful thing, navigate on over to instagram and search a # for what you'd like to find, for example #WeddingPhotographyHampshire #RusticPhotographer #BohoWedding #NaturalPhotography this is a great way to find a photographer! Flick through their images and be sure to navigate to their website and other social links to really get a feel for the kind of photography they offer.

5. Referrals

One of the many ways to discover your perfect photographer could be a referral. Next time you're a guest at a wedding check out the photographer, are they laid back? Are they fun?! Are they shooting at a similar location to your venue? Watch and see the photos when they pop up on social media once your friends have received their pictures. This could be a great way for you to pick a photographer because not only would you have potentially seen them in action but you would have a friend to talk to about their experience with that photographer too.

6. Time

Your wedding day will be amazing, there is really no doubt about it. In order to capture the story of your day, you'll want to know the time restraints of your photographer. Some photographers offer whats called a documentary, storytelling approach, this usually means they don't come with time restraints. This is great if you want to be able to tell them when to arrive and when to leave. Some photographers will have time restraints, which means they arrive at a set time in the morning and leave either after the cutting of the cake, the first dance or an hour or so into the dancing. So check with your photographer on their time restraints so you can all be aware of these for your big day.

7. Travel Costs

Most photographers will have travel costs included in their package if you live out of their normal location or if you are having a destination wedding. Be sure to give as much information about your location when you are at the enquiring stages, just to be sure you have all of their costings up front, leaving out any surprises! Some photographers will require hotel costs covered, as well as mileage and flights if you're hiring them for a destination wedding.

8. Meet photographers!

Once you have decided on a style and budget and found photographers that suit both, go grab a coffee with them. Its so important to meet your photographer before the big day. Meeting in a coffee shop or somewhere casual is a great way to check out their vibe, you'll know if you click or not and its so important that you do. That being said, if your photographer isn't local, get on a Skype call and have a good old fashion chinwag.

9. So you think you've found the one?

Once you have found your perfect photographer be sure to check on other details such as when you can expect your photos after your day, if they provide albums and extras for you to purchase and if they offer engagement sessions. Theres nothing better than picking the photographer and having a mini session before the big day, especially if you're nervous about what to expect, this will help solve that so you'll see firsthand what you can expect on your day.

10. Enjoy!

My last tip of all is to just enjoy it all. Enjoy the planning, there is really nothing like it! And of course, enjoy the day its going to be an absolute ball!

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