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How To Spend Less Money On Your Wedding Day

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

In today's world of weddings, the average wedding day is going to set you back a whooping £28k. For most of us, that's a deposit on a house! Let me casually guide you to a road less travelled and dive into a pool of possibilities that will allow you to ultimately, spend less money on your wedding


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Lets start with this one first, because in a survey taken by over 4000 brides, they claim this to be the greatest expense of their wedding. Firstly deciding on a location can be difficult so I've narrowed this down into easier, more manageable steps.

Step 1. Home or Abroad

Step 2. A venue that does everything, or just some of the day.

Step 3. Do you really need their extras?

So lets take step 1 and break it down. If you opt for having your big day abroad and don't want to spend over the odds then my advice to you would be, instead of searching for venues, search for Air B&B, they can be a lot cheaper and the added bonus is they are a lot more private. However this will mean having to outsource catering and doing the decorations yourself, but if you're hoping to save money and don't mind getting your DIY on, then this is definitely your route!

If you've decided to have your wedding day in your home country, again venues are going to be more costly. For my wedding day we decided to get married in our local registry office with just our mums as witnesses to save money! Then the next day we hired a BBQ spot at one of our national country parks costing us £100 for a huge acre of land that would be just ours for the day and night. We made our own arch, hired some benches and threw the ultimate outdoor wedding bbq and our venue wasn't achieved by taken out a lifetime loan!

There's a lot to be said about hiring out wedding venues and the cost of them, If you have had your heart set on a particular location since you first started pinning on Pinterest then go get it! But ask yourself, do I need all of the extras they're providing or can I outsource some of this myself? Let's say you book your dream location but the cost of food per head is £40, and you have 100 guests that's £4000, on food! Having outsourced catering companies that can start at around £11 per head, it's definitely worth doing some research and not diving all in to their catering options. This same rule applies for, decorations, DJ and wedding cakes.

My conclusion for wedding venues is to try and figure out what it is you want first, then decide on finding cheaper solutions. Always be questioning, 'do we need that'? Or can we do this ourselves to save money? Whatever you decide to do will be fantastic! We're so lucky to live in a world that has google and youtube, so if you want to make your own arch, google it! If you want to make your own invitations, youtube it. Where there's a will there's a way.


Believe me when I say, this will make or break your budget. Each guest means more money, so really think about this. It can be tricky to weed it down but just inviting everyone will cost you an arm and a leg so be careful not to fall in to the 'We have to invite them because Aunty M will be upset if we don't trap! This is your day, and you get to decide who joins you to celebrate.


Its only fair that you should look the part on your day, but does it really have to cost thousands? The answer is no, not if you don't want it too. If you're looking for a dress on a budget head over to my other blog post on finding the dream dress at the right price. This is filled with great places to search for gorgeous dresses at a dreamy price tag. This list also applies to bridesmaid dresses and suits too, so don't forget to check out their section of attire for the groom in your life.


Wedding cakes can cost a small fortune, in fact the average wedding cake in the UK costs around £300. I've taken in upon myself to find the best cakes at a more reasonable price, because lets face it, most cakes taste the same and if thats the case, its going to be delicious anyway! The best places to search for wedding cakes on a budget I found were M&S, Waitrose and even Tesco! Tesco are selling a 5 tier wedding cake with the rustic cheeses for £30! Come on. Now you can cheat a little here and buy separate cakes and a stand and just create your own tiered cake or buy one already done. You can even buy a plain cake and just add some flowers or decorations to complete your look. Simple and a lot less cheddar!

So there we have it. A selection of ways to save money when planning your wedding day, that I hope will inspire you to think creatively about saving where you can. Whatever you decide to do, it will be a blast!

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