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Planning A Wedding In Italy

Updated: May 4, 2020

Planning your dream Italian wedding doesn't have to be just a dream! Let explore how to plan your perfect wedding in Italy if you happen to reside outside of the country.

Think about why you want to get married in Italy

Italy is such a special place, in fact you may already know exactly where you want to say your vows. But just to make sure you select the perfect place for your destination wedding answer these questions with your partner first:

Is Italy special to you both?

What type of venue do you have in mind?

Do you want to elope and have a small and intimate wedding? Or ensure all your friends and family are there?

Answering these questions with your partner will help to narrow down your choices and ensure you choose the ideal location for your dream wedding in Italy.

Send an early save the date

As exciting as they are, destination weddings are also be a big commitment for your guests. Make sure you send out a Save the Date early on in the planning process and discuss this with your nearest and dearests before booking the venue, to ensure as many of your guests as possible can make the trip.

There isn't any use in booking a huge venue if only half of your guests on the list can attend.

Do your research

It’s easy to get a little carried away with all the fun aspects of wedding planning– such as hours of Pinterest browsing (we’re all guilty), searching for the venue, choosing the catering and, of course, finding THE dress.

However, do not neglect your research and consider the following:

What local laws should you be aware of?

Can you have a legal wedding in the country of your choice?

What paperwork is required and in what timeframes?

Even if  it might be a bit tedious now, it is much better to find out these things early and a planner at this stage is more helpful than you expect.

DON’T underestimate the temperature

If you are having a wedding in Italy the likelihood is you’re dreaming of a beautiful sunny day and who can blame you? Please consider having your ceremony after 4pm, anything earlier than this will be too hot for everyone.  For you in your wedding dress, for your guests sitting out in full sunlight and for your groom in his suit.Whilst on that note, suggest to your fiancée that he and his groomsmen switch the usual three-piece suit for linen instead. It's also important to note that if you want to tie the knot outside at midday you will likely be squinting in all of your photographs

Be social!

One of the best things you can do for a destination wedding is create a web site or a facebook page to help guests of the wedding feel connected and apart of this journey. Destination weddings are a lot of planning especially for your guests too. Put together lots of helpful things such as flight prices and accommodation near by if they are not staying on site. As much information as possible will help not only ensure the people who you have invited come, but they feel like its been a stress free process too.

Concerning the web site there are plenty of tools out there that will allow you to do this free and you can be as much creative as you like.  However do not forget to place wedding details, accommodation suggestions , car hire companies, things to do in the area, Local laws that your guests should be aware of and  Your gift list.  This will save each of your guests asking you the same question and prevent you from feeling like a tour guide! Those of you that would like to involve the guests on your honeymoon after the wedding,  have a look at www.honeyfund.com .

Don't rule out local suppliers

You may have a photographer whose work you have always loved but now you are getting married abroad you couldn’t possibly use them for your wedding, right? Wrong…you would be surprised how many suppliers are willing to travel.

Hire a wedding planner

Believe me this is where hiring a planner is really worth the investment as they are familiar with not just the area but also the paperwork required, have tried and tested venues and know which suppliers are reliable. A planner will cost a similar amount to your other suppliers but will save you many hours of time and stress.

Enjoy all the planning and have fun!

Planning a wedding can be so much fun so try not to forget that because we also know it can be super stressful too! See tips for planning a stress free wedding here.

Its true what they say you know, your day will come around so quickly so make a point of enjoying each step of the planning process and the key to all of this going smoothly is managing your expectations and communication with your partner, families, friends and suppliers.

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