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The Top 5 Tips To Plan Your Dream Beach Wedding

Updated: May 12, 2020

Planning a beach wedding is super exciting. You can plan to do this abroad and have a destination wedding or perhaps you have a beach in mind near your home. Whatever you decide to do your wedding day will be amazing and I have put together a list of the top 5 tip to include in your incredible beach wedding that will help you a whole lot!

1. Picking The Right Location

Picking the perfect beach for your day is super exciting. You may already have one in mind or this may be just an idea at this stage. Wherever you're planning to tie the knot think about researching venues that offer a beach wedding package with indoor/shelter access too. Indoor access or having a marquee or teepee is super important, depending on where about's in the world you're planning to have your wedding day, you may not be able to control the weather if it rains, or equally as important if its too hot yourself and your guests will need to have some shade so make sure your venue can offer this. Alternatively if you're eloping anywhere you may want to research if your can bring your own marquee to the place.

2. Photography

Think about the type of photographer who you would like to have with you on your day. Photographers travel a lot for work and so you may not want to just focus on photographers who live close to the location you're planning to have your wedding. It's important that you find and connect with the right photographer not just because they have been recommended to you by the venue or again local.

3. Dress/Suit

If you're getting married on a beach the likelihood is it will be a hot day. Remember when you've been on holiday and in the heat you just want to wear shorts, vest and flip flops. I'm not saying wear that, or do it's your day you do whatever you want, but try to picture you there on your day and how you plan what you will wear around that. Think linen, light cotton, floaty fabrics nothing too thick or heavy.

Also think about transporting your clothes to your venue. If you're flying to your location think about how your dress of suit will be once it reaches the location. Will you have to steam your dress? Make sure you have all that ready to go at your venue so that its not a last minute rush to get your creases out!

Let's talk about shoes, let's discuss the idea of wearing flats because the likelihood of you wearing heals on the beach probably won't happen. Lots of brides actually opt for barefoot with a pretty anklet or a nice pair of flat sandals. For men, let them embrace a flip flop or barefoot, your day should be about the two of you feeling super comfortable.

4. Guests

Like with any wedding sorting through your guest list will be a lengthy process. However, if you are deciding to get married abroad this will be a task that will likely be something that will need to be addressed early on in the planning stage. Lots of people deciding to get married abroad will have a more limited guest list and this will include just close friends and family. It's important to talk to those people early on so they can get an idea of costs and taking time off work. For some people, this could be there only holiday of that year and may want to add more dates on so be mindful of that too.

5. Planner

Hire yourselves a wedding planner. If you are choosing the exciting road to planning a wedding abroad, hire someone who knows the area well. They will be able to provide you with invaluable information on venues and local suppliers saving you a ton of time.

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