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What Do I Wear To A Photoshoot?

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

As a photographer this is something I get asked a lot. The answer depends on a few things actually, the style of the photographer and their work, the session type and the location. So lets cover all basis so that you have a better idea of what to wear for your shoot.

Studio Photography

I used to work at a studio and the worst colour you could wear was white. You're in a white box... you will look like a floating head! Please don't do that to us. Obviously if you really cant avoid it and you have been wanting to wear white, then go ahead. We photographers are wizards and can work with anything. This will just mean you may end up with more black and white photos or images with coloured backgrounds.

Try to be original, we've seen the denim jeans and white shirt look a million times. Use this session as an opportunity to express who you are through what you wear. Your style is unique to you and only you so don't cover it up.

With studio work they usually allow you to bring a few outfit changes so if you are unsure bring a few different pieces so that your photographer on the day can help you.

Beach Photography

I love capturing moments on the beach because they always look so calm and natural. Think of this as a great opportunity to wear a lovely floaty dress, or if that's not your style washed out jeans and a top. Choose pastels, floral prints or a surf look. The beach is a great location to wear white!. 

Forest Photography

Ah my favourite! And I have to say my families and couples absolutely nail their looks. My client's wear anything from jeans and a nice casual top, to full length dresses for added effect.

*See one of mine below.

For families I love the whole jeans and a checked shirt for the man and a dress for the mum. For maternity sessions, its always a great idea to wear something that will emphasise your bump! Like this gorgeous red dress my lovely client Claire wore for her bump to new-born session with me.

Always try and wear a colour that you love and that suits you and more importantly wear something you feel comfortable in. Having our pictures taken professionally can be daunting and we want it to go right but also look right too, therefore wearing something you feel comfortable in is key to, not only looking great but feeling great too!

Now with whatever session who have booked at whatever location, you've selected your photographer for a reason, so my advice to you will be to go over their photos and check what other people wore. You will find you probably have a similar style! I love accessories too like hats and blankets, this is really style dependant but another great tip is to head on over to Pinterest and start pinning some ideas of shoots you love and clothes too!

Whatever you wear, you'll look amazing and I hope you enjoy your session!

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