• Leah Marie

What Is A Documentary Style Of Photography

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

With new wedding styles emerging every year, its no wonder why we are asking 'What Is a documentary style of photography'? #DocumentaryPhotography #BohoBride

Documentary photography is becoming more and more popular. Why you ask? Because our world is filled with it. We are seeing less and less people posing on instagram now, and more and more people, okay still posing but in a 'I'm acting like I don't know I'm being photographed' way.

This style of photography has become more popular with wedding photographers and bloggers worldwide, because we're craving a more naturalistic approach to our lives that make our photos look like they could belong in travel magazines and pin boards of the elite.

But what exactly is a documentary style? The idea of documentary photography is to capture the natural moments as they unfold, its more the case of becoming a storyteller. This style is simple and pure with usually little to no posed moments, just letting you be as you are. If this is the style that will suit you best as a couple then use this to search for your ideal photographer. Infact my style of photography is just that, so if you're searching for a documentary style wedding photographer then head over to my page for more details.

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