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Elopements... I bet you're here because you've seen that word being thrown around quite a bit over the last few years and so now you're wondering why and what must this be!?

Eloping used to mean a sneaky runaway secret marriage. It didn't have quite the same meaning as it does today. Today eloping has a whole new meaning that gives you total control of how your wedding day looks and feels, it has become one of the most beautiful ways to tie the knot.

What Does Eloping Mean?

Eloping is a chance for you both to escape the wedding formality and traditions. It's a chance to really explore what it means to be in your relationship and what makes it so special and the best part about choosing to elope is you can literally decide where, when and how.

If you want to get married with just a handful of guests at the top of a mountain in patagonia you can! If you love the peacefully idyllic lakes in italy with the idea of it being just the two of you, then you can absolutely do that! Eloping really does open up way more options than a traditional venue ever could.

Think of eloping as hiking of the beaten track. It's an excuse to do something incredible and imaginative. So many couples today are searching for something way more meaningful and often less traditional and eloping allows you to celebrate your wedding day exactly the way you want it to be.

Why Should We Elope?

You should think about eloping if you're looking for a totally unique experience. I hear couples often say after their wedding day how they wished they had something a bit smaller, a bit less traditional and I think why the hell not!? Lots of couples are now wanting something more from their big day and not a day where most of the budget is spent on their guests but instead spent on themselves enjoying an incredible day bigger and better than anything they could have imagined.

Describe To Me An Elopement Day?

Okay, if you're still unsure of what eloping is let me paint a picture of your dream wedding day as you elope instead.

You've chosen to elope in Italy because you both love the relaxed simplicity of Italian life and are huge lovers of great wine and pasta.

You wake up around sunrise to catch the sun rising over the vineyards. You've rented an Air B&B in the hills that has a terrace and you've turned on the coffee machine so the fresh air of coffee can join you whilst you sit outside and continue to watch the sunrise over the golden land.

You both love the outdoors and love the picturesque mountains in Italy as well as the vineyards. Your location is situated perfectly so that you can enjoy both, as you've decided you'd like to say your vows on the beach in front of the mountains in the afternoon.

After a relaxing morning of coffee and croissants, we hop in the jeep and embark on the journey to the Lake Pragser wildsee. You spend some time taking in the breathtaking views and dip your toes in the shimmering lake. After a while, you find the perfect place to stand and read your vows to one another.

Vows to one another can be so powerful especially when said in the presence of just the both of you. There's no pressure or anxiety from hundreds of guests watching. Its the rawest emotion, in the most spectacular and relaxed setting, with the person you love most in the whole world. This is the most special moment and it's all yours.

After your vows, you head back to the vineyards where the owners have laid a table ready for you in amongst the vines. They serve you their finest wines produced onsite and homemade pasta crafted just for you in their kitchens. After your lunch, they offer you to pick some grapes as they teach you how to make your own wine too.

After all the delicious wine and pasta we take the jeep back up to the hills to watch the sunset. In preparation, you created a playlist of all your favorite songs. We play them from the jeep as you watch the beautiful sun pass the stars, you both get up and enjoy your first dance. We took the bottle of wine you made at the vineyard for the trip, as we toast to an unbelievable and most importantly unforgettable wedding day. We build a fire to keep warm as you sleep under the stars, your first night as a married couple.

The Most Important Thing To Remember About Elopements

Are that theyre a total representation of you both and you that you can plan your day completely around your dream wedding day. Because its not out of reach at all, you really can have this all for yourself! This is not your mum or your aunt's version of your wedding day, this is your day, done completely your way.

How Do We Elope?

Speak to your photographer! If you havent found one yet then find a photographer who travels, has shot elopements or specializing in them as they are your key to unlocking your most perfect wedding day. Your photographer can also help you find the most incredible location and offer you hints and tips on how to plan and make the most out of your elopement day.

So To Recap...

In a nutshell, elopements are awesome. They can be a totally unique and unforgettable day and can be planned just the way you want, without the added pressure of hundreds of guests and the price tag that goes along with feeding them all! Elopements are for the bold, brave and the less traditional. They help you to unlock options and endless possibilities. After all, you totally deserve the most amazing and unforgettable wedding day.

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