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What’s a Mini-Moon?

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

No, I’m not talking about a smaller moon than the one in our solar system, a minimoon is a pre-honeymoon. Yes, that's right, if you thought you were only entitled to just one getaway this year you are mistaken! So, let’s take a look at what a minimoon actually is and why you should book one right now.

A mini moon essentially can be anything from a small trip up to a couple of weeks va-kay. But my understanding of them is this, weddings are pretty stressful, right? You must be working harder than ever to save for this day, so this where the Mini-Moon comes in. Take a short break, a long weekend to a city you've never been to before and just relax with your loved one without any wedding stresses.

Top up on your tan for your big day? Read a book not a wedding magazine, go to a spa! I believe this is an excellent way to recoup and destress with each other before the big day. Mini-Moons don't have to be expensive, perhaps just taking the extra Friday or Monday off work to have a long weekend will do, but drive somewhere new and stay there overnight. 

Air B&B https://www.airbnb.co.uk have some fantastic deals and there’s also Voyage Prive https://www.voyage-prive.co.uk and Last Minute https://www.lastminute.com for some excellent ideas to fill all your Mini-Moon dreams, because after all, you 100% deserve it!

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