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Why Is Photography So Expensive?

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Photography can often seem very expensive. There are a number of reasons why and I am about to talk you through some of the main reasons.

Photographers need to make a living too! We live in a world where we can take pictures on our phones and they look great but a real photographer has invested years into their craft and we can sometimes forget this. The knowledge of how to use a camera is something that most photographers make look easy, because you only see the end result, but infact your images not only had the possibility of tricky lighting, the weather or the act of making you, the subject feel at ease to get the best out of the shoot, but  uploading, culling and editing your images can take weeks! And so photographers are not just charging you for that one hour shoot time, its all the extra hours gone into the post processing stage too.

Equipment, you wouldn't think it but a photographers kit can cost on average almost £10,000. Yes really! So this isn't just knowing how to work that sort of equipment but also the cost of using that equipment too. If you went to a private beauty clinic to have facial, it will cost you a lot more than a 55p face pack from Asda, but the personal applying will be skilled in this area and the quality of the mask itself will be tenfold!

Quality, we wouldn't spend all this money on building our kits if the cameras weren't going to be amazing. Thus meaning we have the best of the best and you can rest assure your photos will be of a very high standard/quality. Especailly if you are looking to print your photos big, as you wont be able to go any bigger than a 10x8 with an iPhone and even that wont look great.

I always say this to my clients, photos were never intended for Facebook. They were meant to be printed! So pay the extra, get them printed or put into an album and enjoy them for what they were made to do, Last.

Last but not least, experience, as with any profession the longer you have been in your field the better you'll become, and so its only fair that with great skill and experience combined the photographer can charge more for their sessions.

So here's just a little breakdown on why photography is and can be expensive at first glance, but I think you'll agree with me, great memories that are captured are so worth it!

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