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Customer Service

I am passionate about providing my clients with exceptional customer service from beginning to end, and beyond.

Luxury for me means having impeccable service throughout the entirety of our journey together, and this is what I offer my couples. My photographer ethics are that standards should always be exceptionally high. I have developed these standards throughout my career working in high end fashion and luxury photography. I value my clients greatly and want to serve them incredibly well.

photographer ethics


I believe in using photography to capture emotion and to tell peoples' stories.

Storytelling for me is an integral part of a couples wedding experience. It has to be authentic and wrapped up in all of the wonderful little things that make a couple unique. Every couples story is beautiful and rare and so it has to be captured just so. It has to be timeless.

my values


To travel our world and embrace culture and diversity.

Travel is incredibly important to me and has been since I was a child. From boarding a plane to India when I was just 16 to volunteer at an orphanage, to exploring Australia solo. I crave to learn about new places and cultures and this blends perfectly with my work which allows me to travel so frequently. This goes beyond my photographer ethics, this is how I live my life.

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I believe true artistry comes from intention and vision.

As a photographer, I love to help my couples truly understand all the ways thoughtful and intentional planning can help them achieve their desired vision for their day. We take the time to expertly craft the perfect timeline to allow for moments that can flow just how they were meant to. No rush, no interruptions just moments of living made into art.

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photographer ethics

12 million girls are married before the age of 18 each year.

Child marriage is a global issue. It is fuelled by gender inequality, poverty, social norms and insecurity, and has devastating consequences all over the world.

Child marriage or marriage without the free and full consent of both spouses is a human rights violation. Progressive legal frameworks are one element of the comprehensive response needed to successfully address child marriage, as reflected within the Girls Not Brides Theory of Change.

Leah Marie Photography takes its ethics very seriously, and we are proud to partner with this charity and you can learn more about what they do here.

More than 650 million women alive today already suffer the direct consequences of child marriage.

Globally, the rates of child marriage are slowly declining but progress isn't happening fast enough.

If pre-pandemic trends continue, 150 million more girls will be married by 2030. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this may increase by a further 13 million girls.

Child marriage violates girls’ rights to health, education and opportunity.

Child marriage is any formal marriage or informal union where one or both parties are under 18 years of age. It is rooted in gender inequality.

photographer ethics

with every wedding

we offset our carbon footprint

Together with my husband, we care deeply for our planet. Again, this goes beyond photographer ethics, this is about protecting our beautiful planet. We know that my work creates a lot of opportunity for us to travel and so we vow every month to plant 26 trees to offset our carbon footprint.

Find out more about this here.

we plant 26 trees every month with ecologi.

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