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There's something truly enchanting about Italy that continually draws my husband and me back, both for pleasure and for my work as a wedding photographer. We recently had the joy of spending time in the Amalfi Coast, a corner of the world that never fails to captivate us with its stunning scenery, its distinctive charm, and the breathtaking wedding venues it offers.

This beautiful stretch of coastline is home to several towns, each with its unique personality and allure. Nestled high in the hills, the town of Ravello offers a sense of tranquility that is almost ethereal. Our stay here was filled with panoramic views of the coast and deep blue sea, a backdrop that lends itself effortlessly to beautiful weddings. The wedding venues in Ravello, characterised by serene gardens and noble villas, are an idyllic setting that truly captures the essence of romance.

Meanwhile, the vibrant town of Amalfi, the very heart of the coast, was the location of the wedding I was privileged to capture. The venues here offer a compelling blend of history and contemporary Italian charm, with every vista speaking of grandeur and style. The Amalfi cathedral and bustling marina create a wedding venue that is as steeped in glamour as it is in tradition, perfect for couples who dream of a wedding infused with Italian flair.

Each town along the Amalfi Coast, from the picturesque Positano to the lesser-known but equally charming Minori and Maiori, offers wedding venues that capture a unique slice of Italian paradise. The sheer variety of wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast, each echoing the unique allure of its town, means there truly is a perfect match for every couple's dream of their special day.

In this article, we're going to delve into the captivating world of wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast. I'll share both personal insights from my recent visit and professional knowledge as a destination wedding photographer, all aimed at helping you imagine your dream wedding in this Italian coastal paradise.

"It is a dream place that isn't quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone"


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wedding venues on the amalfi coast

hotel santa caterina, amalfi

Tucked away on the picturesque Amalfi Coast is the iconic Hotel Santa Caterina. Having had the honor to photograph a stunning wedding here, I can attest to its unmatched allure. With roots as a cherished 'home of hospitality,' this venue seamlessly marries its storied past with contemporary luxury.

The sun-drenched dining room offers sweeping views of the Mediterranean, but the crown jewel is undoubtedly the 72sqm secluded veranda. Overlooking the shimmering sea, it's an epitome of romantic elegance, with the intimate 21sqm bougainville area providing an alternative charm for smaller gatherings.

The culinary offerings, crafted by the talented Chef Giuseppe Stanzione, pay homage to Amalfi's rich flavors. Traditional dishes, presented with modern flair, promise a delightful gastronomic journey.

Aside from its wedding credentials, the hotel boasts romantic honeymoon suites, a sea-water pool, sun decks, and a private beach club. With the vibrant towns of Positano and Ravello just a short drive away and the capacity to host 100 guests across 38 rooms and a nearby villa, Hotel Santa Caterina stands as a premier choice among wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast.


wedding venues on the Amalfi coast - villa cimbrone

Nestled in the serene hills of Ravello, a town I fondly consider my Amalfi hideaway, lies the enchanting Villa Cimbrone. Each visit reminds me why Ravello's peace stands unparalleled amidst the Amalfi Coast’s renowned locales.

Steeped in 12th-century history, Villa Cimbrone embodies a Mediterranean charm that transcends time. Its allure, diligently preserved by the Vuilleumier family, resonates with tales of bygone eras, having once played host to aristocrats, intellectuals, and the English elite. Its past guests read like a list of history's luminaries, offering whispers of the grand events and intellectual discourses once held within its walls.

As an iconic venue for weddings on the Amalfi Coast, Villa Cimbrone's exquisite gardens and interiors offer an ethereal backdrop for moments of eternal love. The villa boasts awe-inspiring panoramas from its terraces, with the mesmerizing Infinity Terrace offering a view that seems to melt into the horizon. Wander through its ancient gardens, discover the mystique of its arabesque cloister and Gothic crypt, or let the romantic wisteria-covered alleyway lead you to the Temple of Cerere.

Complementing its architectural splendor, the Villa's dedicated staff ensures that every detail, from sumptuous dishes to wine pairings, culminates in creating an event that's nothing short of magical. For those seeking an Italian wedding venue that intertwines romance with rich history, Villa Cimbrone is an undeniable jewel.

villa oliviero, positano

Tucked away in the heart of Positano, Villa Oliviero promises the elegance of a private villa coupled with the luxury and convenience of a top-tier hotel. Perched high on the Amalfi Coast, this opulent haven can comfortably host up to 12 guests. With its expansive gardens, a pristine swimming pool, an inviting outdoor hot tub, and six bespoke bedrooms, every nook exudes sophistication.

However, what truly sets Villa Oliviero apart is its breathtaking wedding venue offerings. As the sun casts its golden hue, the villa transforms into a wedding wonderland. Positano, with its colorful cascade of houses and the vast expanse of the sea as a backdrop, provides an almost surreal setting for your big day. The villa's architecture, spread across three levels, offers varied enchanting spots. Whether it's a heartwarming ceremony on the Red Terrace, cocktails by the gleaming pool, or a lavish dinner on the White or Green Terrace, the villa accommodates with flair.

But it's not just about the grandeur. At Villa Oliviero, they understand the nuances of weddings. The attentive staff, always just a call away, ensures your celebration flows smoothly. And if you're in the mood for something uniquely Italian, why not opt for a rehearsal pizza party with a professional "pizzaiolo"?

In the world of wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast, Villa Oliviero stands as a testament to the blend of Italian charm and luxurious comfort. It's not just a place—it's an experience.

villa eva, ravello

villa Eva - Amalfi coast wedding venues

Perched atop the enchanting town of Ravello, Villa Eva is not just a venue—it's a timeless piece of art, blending late liberty style architecture with modern refurbishments that respect its original allure. Although I haven't had the privilege to shoot here yet, I've been seen the venue and it is beautiful.

Its unique position guarantees that its rooftops claim the title of Ravello's highest point, bestowing upon its guests a panoramic 360° view of the mesmerizing coast below. This villa is exclusively reserved for events, ensuring that there's no overlapping with other occasions. This exclusivity amplifies the intimacy of any gathering hosted here.

Bright, elegant dining halls adorned with expansive glass windows infuse an unmatched charm, making it a picturesque backdrop for any celebration. Whether you wish for an outdoor ceremony, enveloped by parasols and centenary trees, or a more intimate indoor setting with vast sea views, Villa Eva delivers with grandeur.

The vast 3000sqm park isn't just about the views. It's an ode to gastronomy and versatility. From areas designed for barbecues, wine tasting, and frying, to the quaint outdoor bar equipped with a wood stove perfect for pizza parties under the stars, the choices are endless. The park's expansive layout even provides an opportunity for a roaming event, letting guests indulge in various culinary experiences, be it engaging conversations over appetizers or secluded romantic dinners.

For those leaning towards non-traditional religious ceremonies, Villa Eva offers both indoor and outdoor settings, each promising a breathtaking sea-view. And as the sun sets, one of the soundproof halls can transform into a vibrant space with live bands or DJs, ensuring your celebration continues into the night.

In the realm of wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast, Villa Eva stands as a testament to sheer elegance, versatility, and an unparalleled coastal experience.

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relais blu, massa lubrense

Located in the verdant village of Marciano –Termini in Massa Lubrense, Relais Blu stands as a beacon of Mediterranean elegance. This 4-star boutique wonder, strategically positioned between the Sorrentine Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast, offers unparalleled vistas that reach out to the majestic Island of Capri.

The hotel's architecture is a refreshing embrace of the Mediterranean spirit: pristine white interiors enriched with subtle dashes of color, reflecting the vast expanse of sea and sky outside its walls. The expansive windows and sprawling terraces invite guests to immerse themselves in the ever-changing tapestry of nature, from the golden hues of sunrise to the deep purples of twilight.

What truly sets Relais Blu apart is its reputation as a premier wedding and event destination on the coast. With the adept guidance of director Antonino Acampora and his dedicated team, every celebration unfolds with precision and flair. Whether opting for a traditional or modern ceremony, the attention to detail ensures your event is a reflection of your dreams.

Culinary experiences at Relais Blu are nothing short of exceptional. The Gourmet restaurant crafts dishes that sing the praises of Mediterranean flavors. For those journeying from distant shores, the menu can be customized, introducing a global touch to the coastal feast.

For intimate gatherings, the hotel offers its terraces, accommodating 15 to 60 guests. If you're envisioning a grander scale or seek unparalleled privacy, booking the entire venue accommodates up to 150 guests, turning your celebration into an unforgettable coastal extravaganza.

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the grand hotel convento di amalfi, amalfi

the grand hotel convento di Amalfi - wedding venues on the Amalfi coast

The Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi, a cherished relic of the 13th-century Capuchin convent, graces the cliffside of Italy's enchanting Amalfi Coast. Minutes from the Piazza del Duomo and overlooking the magnificent harbor, this remarkable venue is steeped in romance and history.

The hotel offers an unparalleled array of locations for wedding ceremonies and celebrations, each with its own unique charm. The Chapel of St. Francis is one of the loveliest wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast, where couples can exchange vows in a holy setting. For those seeking a more open and ethereal setting, the cloisters offer a surreal backdrop with the sea before you and the open sky above, suitable for any faith and up to 60 guests.

On arrival at the hotel, the Dei Cappuccini Terrace stands ready to welcome your guests with cocktails, followed by a possible champagne reception at the Walk of the Monks, a dazzling setting that clings to the cliff's edge. Hidden away, the Belvedere Terrace serves as an idyllic spot for private banquets, with spectacular views of the sea and room for 60 people, making it perfect for an unforgettable Amalfi Coast wedding.

For a more formal dining experience, the Dei Cappuccini Restaurant can be adorned to host a luxurious banquet. Collaborating with Chef Claudio Lanuto, couples can design an exquisite menu for their indoor celebration.

The Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi ensures each wedding is a reflection of the couple's personal style and taste, down to the smallest details. Exchange vows as the sun sets, enjoy a banquet under the stars, and celebrate with fireworks illuminating the night sky. The serene ambiance, combined with the breathtaking coastal scenery, ensures your special day at this venue becomes a moment to cherish for a lifetime.

hotel marincanto, positano

Hotel Marincanto in Positano, an embodiment of grace and romance, has been winning the hearts of travelers since 1967. Recognized both as a scenic movie set and an inspiration for celebrated painters, this haven has a rich history of providing unparalleled elegance and warm hospitality. Each guest is cherished, with the Marincanto's ethos ensuring that everyone is treated uniquely.

Nestled in the quaint heart of Positano, Hotel Marincanto is a stellar 4-star establishment, making it a sought-after venue for destination weddings. Its location is a blend of charm and convenience, where a picturesque staircase leads guests down to its private beachfront and also connects them to the bustling town above. The hotel's proximity to Positano's central beach and a myriad of captivating shops ensures that the guests are always surrounded by both serenity and vibrant local life.

Every room at the Marincanto is a testimony to tasteful furnishing. Not only are they adorned with all contemporary amenities, but each also opens to terraces that offer awe-inspiring panoramas of Positano's bay, the mesmerizing Tyrrhenian sea, and the majestic stretch of the Amalfi Peninsula.

For couples seeking an intimate wedding with the Amalfi Coast's picturesque backdrop, Hotel Marincanto is the epitome of dreams. Its facilities ensure an event that will be etched in memory: exchange vows on their private terrace overlooking the azure seas and the pastel palette of Positano. The ensuing celebrations can be elevated with cocktails and gourmet meals crafted by their adept Italian chefs.

To top off the experience, an infinity pool awaits guests, offering solace and spectacular views, while the private beach ensures moments of tranquility.


Perched where the azure sea meets the sky, the Belmond Hotel Caruso in Ravello is like a scene straight out of a fairytale. This 11th-century palace, which boasts of original frescoes and vaulted ceilings, seamlessly merges with contemporary Italian elegance. A place where the rich tapestry of Amalfi's culture unfurls, Caruso is also an epicenter of innovation and fresh ideas.

As you enter this architectural marvel, you're stepping into a bygone era. Originally constructed by a prosperous family seeking solace in Ravello during their expedition to Constantinople, the hotel now offers its guests a blend of rich history and modern luxury. The gardens, aged by centuries, bloom with climbing rose bushes and are fragrant with aromatic herbs.

Navigating through the hotel, you'll discover frescoed salons and stone archways, all leading to its crowning glory: a breathtaking infinity pool that promises a dip like no other.

Ravello is synonymous with romance, making it an esteemed wedding destination across the globe. Belmond Hotel Caruso, with its unparalleled views of the Amalfi coastline and the intoxicating aroma of lemon groves, offers a setting of unparalleled beauty. Over the years, it has been the venue for numerous weddings, each narrating its unique love story against the backdrop of this Italian paradise.

Imagine exchanging vows in the historic 900-year-old Duomo of Ravello. Envisage hosting your guests in the midst of the hotel's aromatic gardens, with roses serving as silent witnesses to your love. For those desiring an exclusive affair, the entire hotel can be at your service, ensuring a regal experience for your guests. Regardless of your wedding vision, the dedicated team at the Belmond Hotel Caruso is committed to turning it into a cherished reality.


villa treville, positano

At Villa Treville in Positano, weddings transcend mere ceremonies; they blossom into unforgettable events. With the vast expanse of the shimmering ocean and rhythmic symphony of waves as your backdrop, memories are etched with every shared vow.

Villa Treville stands as an epitome of Italian elegance and charm in Positano. Its location, gracefully poised on a rock ledge, overlooks azure waters, offering views that are nothing short of spectacular. This exquisite destination boasts five captivating villas, embraced by verdant gardens, secret terraces shaded with blooming bougainvillea, pines, and exotic flora. It's not just a venue, but a canvas to paint your dream wedding.

Offering 15 opulent rooms and suites, each adorned with a private balcony, the vastness of the estate is juxtaposed with intimate nooks and crannies. Whether it's the serenity of private balconies, the calm of individual pools, or the secluded beach, Villa Treville promises an intimate vacation experience. Furthermore, the vibrant heart of Positano, with its bustling cafes, eclectic restaurants, and quaint shops, lies just a stone's throw away.

Yet, the beauty of Villa Treville lies in its intimate embrace. Although sprawling, the designated areas for ceremonies and receptions retain a cozy allure, making it idyllic for gatherings of up to 60 guests. As the finishing touch, the in-house culinary maestro crafts an Italian menu tailored just for you, ensuring that your wedding feast is as memorable as the day itself.

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palazzo avino, ravello

palazzo avino - amalfi coast wedding venues

Have I left the best until last? Quite possibly. We finish in Ravello's medieval hilltop village, overlooking the iconic Amalfi Coast, Palazzo Avino stands as a testament to Italian elegance and heritage. Originating as a 12th-century villa for an Italian noble family, the hotel has evolved into a five-star sanctuary, seamlessly blending history with modern luxury.

Guests can indulge in 43 meticulously appointed rooms and suites, each echoing the sophistication synonymous with the Amalfi coast. At the heart of Palazzo Avino lies Rossellinis, a Michelin-starred restaurant, where culinary artistry meets local flavors, promising an unforgettable dining experience.

Beyond the lavish interiors, the hotel extends an invitation to its 20-meter heated outdoor pool, a rejuvenating spa, and the exclusive Beach Club House by the Sea, just a brief drive from Ravello. The rooftop sun terrace, adorned with hydromassage plunge pools, offers an unparalleled view of the sparkling Mediterranean and the charming fishing villages below.

For couples dreaming of a perfect Amalfi wedding, Palazzo Avino curates bespoke celebrations. Whether envisioning an intimate gathering on a scenic terrace or a grand banquet for up to 75 guests, the hotel promises enchantment. The cuisine, crafted from local ingredients and presented with Michelin-starred finesse, coupled with harmonious musical accompaniments, ensures a wedding at Palazzo Avino is nothing short of magical.

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