What's the difference between a

What’s the difference between an elopement and a micro wedding?

So you’ve decided a big traditional wedding wasn’t for you! Yay

I get it! The idea of a big traditional wedding, with all eyes on you, planning a day for hundreds of people, with dated traditions that don’t relate or align with your views scared the bejuss out of you?! It just wasn’t YOU.
SAME in fact my husband and I eloped with just our mums and then had a micro wedding in the woods with 30 of our nearest and dearest and it was the BEST DECISION WE EVER MADE. So high five to you both on making that decision, taking back control of your wedding day and opening the door to a whole new world of possibilities as you plan for a day you’ll never forget!

BUT WAIT…what’s the difference between an elopement and a micro wedding? Let me explain them to you.


An elopement is a day solely focused on the two of you creating a truly authentic experience based on your favourite things. Of course you can still go to Las Vegas and elope on a whim but elopements can be so much more than that and extremely special.

Planning an elopement is an open book of adventures that the two of you get to plan and enjoy just the way you like without input from bossy family members and judgy friends. However if you wish to enjoy your elopement with a handful of loved ones, you can have up to 15 guests, and depending on where you choose to elope you may by law be required to have 2 witnesses anyway!
So what could your elopement look like! This is the exciting part. I would suggest sitting down with your partner and start putting down ideas that get you both super excited! We could hire a 4×4 and explore the alps in Switzerland, as we reach the summit to exchange your vows and celebrate with a picnic of all your favourite foods and champagne.
If mountains are not your thing, we could arrange a private dinner in a Tuscan vineyard at sunset with a string quartet playing in the background as you enjoy an evening of fine wines and cheeses… the world literally is your oyster. I know what you’re thinking… that sounds way more fun than a big traditional wedding!

How do I know if an Elopement is right for us?

  1. Sit down and plan your dream day.
  2. How many people are there?
  3. How do you want to feel on your day?
  4. Where do you want your dream day to be?
  5. What excites you most about your dream day?

If you answer, a small intimate day focused purely on the two of you, your love, your vows and creating an unbelievable experience the two of you will never forget, than planning an elopement could be your dream day!


A micro wedding is a smaller more intimate wedding with up to 50 guests. This is the perfect option for you if you still want to celebrate your day with your loved ones but more privately. Just like having an elopement you can still choose to enjoy your day exactly the way you want it to be!
Whether you chose to host your micro wedding at a venue or somewhere different there are so many amazing suppliers who can help make your micro wedding day dreams come true! From amazing stylist and furniture companies like TOAST and THE BOHO WEDDING CO

who specialise in the most incredible wedding styling and furniture set ups, florists like Camila from Camilas Creations or Liz from Flower & Fern Studio and photographers like Leah Marie Photography. They will all be there to help make this amazing for you and it won’t feel any less of a wedding, it will feel more comfortable, relaxed, laid back and intimate.
So what would a micro wedding day look like?Gone are the days when you would wake up at 5am on the best day of your life to start doing your hair and make up with your 16 bridesmaids. Plan your day around YOU, if you’re not a morning person than plan your day a little later on in the afternoon giving you plenty of time to wake up, relax and get ready at a nice pace.

Have an afternoon ceremony outdoors with your nearest and dearest. From being a wedding photographer for over 8 years, the most special ceremonies have been with just the couples closest friends and family members, nothing big and over the top just a small and intimate ceremony with the people who really know and love you.

You can still chose to have a wedding cake, speeches and a first dance but the best part of having a micro wedding is how laid back they are. If those things aren’t for you, you don’t have to have them!
You can still hire a live band, have great food and drink, dancing the night away with zero pressures of speeches and a first dance making this the most perfect and relaxed day for you and your guests. And if you fancy making it that bit more relaxed for you then go ahead and hire one of these amazing planners to take even more pressure off all the planning.

How do I know if a Micro Wedding is right for us?

  1. Sit down and plan your dream day.
  2. How many people are there?
  3. How do you want to feel on your day?
  4. Where do you want your dream day to be?
  5. What excites you most about your dream day?

If your answers were that you want to celebrate with a private more intimate guest list and have a day focused more on fun over fuss, one that’s relaxed and laid back, then a micro wedding could be your dream day!Supplier recommendations in the South, England.


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